The World of Legias is world in progress set in the Pathfinder fantasy setting. Since it is a work in progress alot of things can still change.

The general idea is to set the first few sessions of this campaign as a “scenario” with little freedom for the players in the beginning. I want to make an impression of the world that I’ve created and hopefully they players’ characters’ will fall in naturally with the world and the people in it, specifically the other players and their characters.

Now, as Legias is a homebrewed setting there is going to be some things that are different from what is said in Pathfinder sourcebooks. When I choose to leave certain details out it is probably because you have to assume that you already know the answer. For instance it does not say in the Dwarves section that dwarves respect their elders – whoever invented the fantasy dwarf already cleared that up for the both of us. I can’t claim that everything said is said because it is different from classic examples but I try to explain the world of Legias so that you can imagine what it would be like to be in it.

The players should also feel welcome to come to me with ideas of their own. If they thought up some ideas for their characters it isn’t unlikely that the world could be made to facilitate those ideas.