Class specifics

As mentioned this section is more or less off game related.
There is a couple of house rules that I want to implement in the campaign and the players and I will have to agree upon these before the game starts.

  • Class restrictions:
    I am trying trying to restrict magic to some degree in the campaign. Magic is supposed to be a very big deal so there will be some class restrictions. There will be a maximum of two heavy spell casters (those capable of 9th spell level as max) and only one arcane and one divine. Of the hybrids (those capable of the 6th spell level as max) I will only allow two. I am trying to make the setting a little more low fantasy at least in the beginning and too many mages and witches and what have you, they will ruin the feel I think. As a bonus I feel like it will be easier as a GM to make a suitable encounter, since spellcasters seems to make things unpredictable.
    (there will probably be 5-7 party members).

The setting has some house rules about some of the classes:


Class specifics

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