The elemental gods

Ignis the god of fire.
Terra the goddess of earth.
Ventus the god of wind.
Umbrea god of the void.
Liquideon god of water.

God/gods of the elements: earth, fire, wind, water & the void:
The elemental gods have no temples they are worshipped in their own element. There might be a shrine for Liquideon on the beach or a shrine for Ignis on a volcano. There is no such thing as holy ground for the elements. Clerics are of course still able to invoke the power of their god on a certain area through their divine magic – thus making the ground holy or unholy.
The gods of the elements cross paths everywhere. You cannot cross the sea without the wind. With a storm wind rarely comes alone – soon water will follow.
The individual elemental gods are mostly worshipped by the ordinary people and the individual’s profession and whereabouts determine which god.
The most significant thing about the elemental gods is that they they are the most respected by the common people of all the gods. They are the ones you would disire favour from in your ordinary life since they are the ones who will most likely influence it.

What is known and believed about the elemental gods is very vague. Nothing substantial is actually known and what people believe is what they want to believe or it is what they heard was right from a priest, druid or someone of that sort. There is one thing everyone seems to be able to agree upon which is the gender of the elemental gods. It is just a feeling – but somehow people seem to agree.

So how do you pray or show affection properly to the elemental gods? Again there is no “right” way. Alot of people in the same area might do it in some way and pass down what they did as tradition and insist that it’s the proper way to do it. Some people might say that it would be an insult to Liquideon, the god of water, to spit in the ocean – others might think the exact opposite.

What is said here about each of the elemental gods is the “general opinion”. It is often what is considdered nature of the individual element e.g. fire burns and destroys which means it makes good sense that people would connect the two and believe this as a part of the portfolio of Ignis.

Last but not least – the names of the elemental gods are the same no matter where you go. From the deepest chasms of the underworld to the higest mountain peeks of the world the names reamain the same.

The elemental gods

Legias Krogun